Shadowlands Publishing is the publisher of a range of books across a few diverse genres -  from books of positive fiction and books that uplift the spirit and improve health and well-being, to books of Local and Family History.


Fiction and non-fiction books talk to our bodies, minds and spirits. Many books explore areas of health, holistic and spiritual healing, wellness, well-being and alternate lifestyle practices. Each year more and more people are interested in embracing lifestyle choices that support a life well lived and, here at Shadowlands Publishing, we aim to share information to support that goal and the quest for self-understanding and self-realization. Books of Local and Family History further help to give us a sense of connection to family and to place, and to recognize and celebrate all that has gone before to bring us to where we now stand.

Our books are sold to book retailers and wholesalers, and sold and distributed online and through bookstores. We welcome any enquiries from booksellers wanting to stock our publications. Please feel free to contact us.

From time to time we accept unsolicited submissions from those interested in being published by Shadowlands Publishing. Please visit the Submissions page for current information on submissions.


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