Crystal Resonance series


Kerry Nelson Selman

Complete 3-book series of Crystal Resonance packaged together by Kerry Nelson Selman and only available direct from the Author ... includes FREE postage +

3 sets of Crystal Affirmation Cards to match the books for delivery within Australia.

Be well, heal, and let go and let be with the high vibrational support of

40 Crystal Resonance combinations

... and be all that you choose to be!

*Please note International orders - the price of $75 (AUD) for the 3-book Crystal Resonance series includes FREE delivery to the door.

However, due to the cost of international postage, Affirmation Cards are not included with International orders.

See below for 3-book price in US dollars for International Orders

International Orders

Special offer from the author in US dollars

for readers outside Australia ... special price + free postage

3 Crystal Resonance books $50 delivered to your door!



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